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Aerial Work Platform - Boom Lift Truck HS3870

Product Detail Information


Applicable Vehicle HS3870
Payload 5ton
Floor height 2,050mm
Wheelbase 4,360mm
Power source P.T.O


- Optimal boom design: Octagonal shape boom with 7 level simultaneous expansion
- High tensile strength chain (for expanding/contracting Levels 1 to 5)
- Max. Work Load - 400 Kg, Max. Work Area: 360° (Left/Right), Max. No. of Turns (for bucket): 2
- Improved controllability with installed linear encoder
- Smooth swing speed control with advanced swing speed reducer 
- Movement control with AML system / Remotely operated ON&OFF system 
- Outtrigger sliding system, improved safety features, and Aluminum toolbox


 Main Specification

Gross Weightkg13265
BoomStage 7 Stages
Shape Octagon
Withdrawal Type Extension at the same time, Chaine and Wire
Quality of the material High tensile structural steel (ATOS80)
OutriggerType X+X TYPE, Device Hydraulic
Withdrawal Width7270(Front), 7450(Rear)
Work scopeWithdrawal Heightm38
Withdrawal Weight 2 persons or 400kg
Turning gearType Hydraulic Reducer + Motor
Turning angle Left and Right 180°
Boarding PlatformSize 3240 X 1100
Turning Type Hydraulic Reducer + Motor, Automatic & Manual Level Adjustment
Turning angle Left and Right 2 rotations
Controlling deviceOutrigger Lever Type, Left and Right Type
Boom Wireless Remote controller
Convenience Device Night Search Light, Remote Starting On/Off, Electronic Type Axel, Automatic Oil Cooler, Toolbox
Safety Device Rollover Caution Safety, Over Center Valve, Pilot Check Valve, AML Safety





Product Usage

- Construction Site : Carrying construction materials, Glass Installation, Wiring works, All purpose of aerial works where needs to work manually.


- Building Maintenance : Outside wall maintenance, Billboard installation, Glass replacement, Painting works, Roof maintenance, All purpose of aerial works. Bridge Inspection


For further information and requires, please kindly contact us or visit our website. 

Product Detail Image

Aerial Work Platform _ Boom Lift Truck HS3870

Aerial Work Platform _ Boom Lift Truck HS3870

Aerial Work Platform _ Boom Lift Truck HS3870